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My name is Joe Acosta.

A bit about my background in learning Spanish (or attempting to do so); I had studied Spanish by university extension for two years. Although the instruction was very competent, I found after two years, that my speaking and comprehension skills where not at all where they should be.
I was not ready to continue with the next series of courses through the extension without improving both of these and likewise this style of instruction did not emphasize what I really needed the most, the ability to understand and communicate clearly in Spanish. I couldn’t continue studying through the university extension and the other language schools near me where prohibitively expensive. To complicate the issue, I have a very demanding work schedule where I have to work long hours (six or seven days a week) or at very erratic times. So to sum this all up I was really stuck.
By a series of coincidences, I found out about Alejandra’s online teaching classes through the Spanish conversation group on Skype. The price of the coursework was quite reasonable and most importantly to have the ability to have the instruction in my home based on my own schedule was simply too good to be true. After making initial arrangements the classes started. I found the classes and coursework to be personalized, unique and creative. I found that the course material became less and less hard work and instead, something that peaked my interest. In addition I found this method of online teaching to be very effective and personalized, which combined the modes verbal and written learning. Through this process the classes and course work became something that I genuinely looked forward to do rather than a chore I had to force myself to do. I found her instruction to be clear, pleasant, humorous, and encouraging. The lessons became mini-immersion lessons which was right on target with my needs. The lessons emphasized my comprehension and speaking needs and at the same time filled in the missing gaps from my previous course work. With her courses I found my comprehension increasing and more importantly my desire and ability to speak advancing in a similar fashion. I would definitely recommend Alejandra’s online teaching courses to others who are interested

Joe Acosta
Torrance California

Kedrick Bellamy  


I have been a weekly student of Spanish Conversation Online for 4 months, and I have greatly benefited from the experience.  Alejandra notes the areas that I need to improve in, and plans our sessions to address the things that we agree are most important.  When we started I had a very limited understanding of the conditional and subjunctive verb tenses, and I frequently confused the preterite with the imperfect. 

I can now use these tenses more effectively in conversation, which has improved my communication skills significantly. I have improved my reading, writing and speaking skills, and Alejandra mixes things up to keep it interesting (songs, short stories, poems, etc.).  I highly recommend the online approach for its convenience, reasonable price and effectiveness.  It has been a fun and educational experience.  Alejandra has been of tremendous assistance in helping me improve my understanding and use of the Spanish language.
Kedrick Bellamy

Steve Viscidi

Hi, first to consider studying spanish through the internet with a private tutor is a great way to do it because not only is it a very economical method of getting private tutoring it’s just so incredibly convenient, you also have a great deal of flexibility in your studies. Unfortunately sometimes with the flexibility comes classes that are unorganized and without structure and that’s one of the great things about studying with Alejandra. She really puts a lot of time and effort into planning the classes to work on what you need or what you want to work on, and she does a terrific job and she is very patient which in my case is very fortunate. And the fact that she speaks English come in handy.
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